PUFFY climbing wall

PUFFY climbing wall

PUFFY climbing wall for self-assembly

With the PUFFY Home Climbing Wall we would like to give you the opportunity to introduce your kids to the climbing experience, because rock climbing is good for both the body and the soul. It strengthens the whole person, appeals to all senses and sharpens them. All motor skills are stimulated and trained, it trains the coordination, improves the ability to concentrate and the body feeling, promotes the development of attention, mindfulness and alertness. In addition, it has a positive effect on self-confidence and contributes to a positive mood and attitude towards life. If children follow their natural urge to move freely, they are happy and have fun. And that is exactly our goal.

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The PUFFY standard climbing wall consists of 3 parts (clouds), but is designed so that it can be expanded at any time by additional clouds. The climbing wall was made out of a 22mm plywood board and painted on one side. The clouds are irregular, but each element fits into a rectangle measuring about 120 x 80cm. Each element is provided with t-nuts (for fastening the climbing holds) and in four mounting holes (for mounting on the wall).
The standard PUFFY climbing wall comes with 21 original TriPoint climbing holds in the form of balloons in sizes: 4 x BIG, 9 x L, 8 x M with matching M10 allen screws. The standard set of climbing holds can be replaced with other fun handles from the TriPoint Kids collection. All climbing holds from the kids collection are very soft, friendly for the skin and positive to grab.

Safety instructions:
Do not let children climb without supervision! For safety reasons, a sufficiently large free jumping area in front of the climbing wall should be secured during climbing and a gymnastics mat as fall protection.
It is delivered ready for self-assembly, but due to different type of walls (concrete, wall, gas concrete, wood, etc.), consult a specialist dealer.
The climbing wall is not approved for outdoor use!

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